2016 Sonship Program! 
February 5th - December 20th

Kingdom Building DNA

The Father is re-aligning the church with the Kingdom of Heaven. This is a glorious adventure! At the Kingdom Building DNA Training, you can learn how to establish the core infrastructure of Heaven in your life and in your community.


This training produces acceleration in the lives of indivuals and communities seeking to reproduce authentic expressions of Heaven on Earth.


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The Kingdom Building DNA Intensive Training Day is made up of four key sessions.

Session 1  9:00am-10:30am


Unprecedented Revival

Unpacking what Unprecedented Revival looks like in the context of a world already experiencing the fires of revival.


Session 2  11:00am-12:30pm


A Wineskin for Unprecedented Revival

Exploring how the Maori word “whanau-nga-tanga” perfectly catches the essence of Heaven’s culture and how we can build it into our communities.


Session 3  3:00-5:00pm


The Infrastructure of the Kingdom

Analysing the core beliefs that empower us to reproduce Heaven on Earth. Plus Questions and Answers. 


Session 4  7:00pm-9:00pm (ish)


Back to Eden: The Bliss of Sonship

Discovering and experiencing the bliss of the unconditional love and acceptance of our Father in Heaven.

(Session 4 concludes with ministry and God encounters, therefore the end time is flexible.)