2018 Sonship Program! 
14th February - 16th December

We call our 1-2 year Internship training program a Sonship rather than an Internship. We have done this intentionally because the focus of this training is to raise up Sons of God who understand their identity in Christ.


The Sonship Program is the source of the greatest testimonies of transformation in our ministry. Over a period of 1-2 years students are immersed in the transforming Kingdom culture of whanaungatanga. For 1-2 years students are immersed in the revelation of the Father's unconditional Love and Delight! For 1-2 years students get to watch lives of extreme intimacy modeled right in front of them. For 1-2 years students are constantly encouraged and strengthened in their identity.


During this time students get to share life in depth with our staff and community. There is access to great inner healing ministries and plenty of time to deal with and overcome the wounds that life has dealt out to people. Our students have been able to overcome wounds from major abuse and arise and shine in victory and wholeness. As a result students have been empowered to engage in the powerful call of God on their lives.


The Sonship program includes full time NZQA accredited study through Vineyard College. If students are eligible they can access student loan and allowance through Students' theory assignments are all done by distance. Graduates receive a Certificate in Christian Ministry.


The Sonship Program involves up to 10 hours a week of theory and a minimum of 20 hours a week involved in practical ministry. Staff and students work together to allocate areas of practical ministry which involve ministry in Fiordland New Life Church, ministry in the local Te Anau community and ministry to the Lord.


There is time for a part time job during the course. The time commitments for the Sonship program are:


Tuesday: 7:00am-8:30am Prayer Training; 7:00pm Leadership Development and Prayer Training


Friday: 9:00am-5:00pm Sonship Training; Friday night Sonship students are involved in a ministry night.


Saturday: On Saturdays we often have ministry engagements that Sonship students are involved in.


Sunday: 8:30am – 1:30pm and 5:30pm till late. Fiordland New Life Church.


Sonship Students' fees and course also includes the 3-week Revival School Intensive Training School based in Te Anau.


Sonship students are also responsible for organising time for any other practical ministries that they are involved in.


We would love to hear from you if you are considering the Sonship program, contact us with any questions you might have. If you are accepted for the Sonship Program we would love to help you get settled into our awesome town. So let us know if there's anything you need and we will do our best to help you get established in Te Anau.


We also offer part time options for the Sonship Program. This is really flexible and designed to serve people's best case scenario. We love tailoring options to suit your world and serve your dreams and life goals. For example if you wanted to do the Sonship Program but you also want to do a degree in another field, you could study full time by distance and still do the Sonship Program in Te Anau.


You could work, study or adventure and still participate in the Sonship Program. Even if you are traveling through New Zealand we could tailor make a program for you for a you months of your trip - we can tailor make a program that suits your current life circumstances. 


Whether you want intense training or a relaxed but life transforming experience we can design a system for success to serve your goals and get you flying towards your dreams.


Our focus during the Sonship Program is to create a space where you can focus on identifying your dreams and life purpose. Then our team help coach you to put a strategic plan and a system for success in place that will empower you to accomplish your goals and move towards your personal vision.

Second Year Cross Cultural Stream

Second Year Sonship students have the opportunity to participate in our Cross Cultural Missions Stream. This optional stream gives students the opportunity to spend three months serving in a cross cultural setting anywhere in the world. Students wanting to participate in the Cross Cultural Stream must be approved by the Revival School Staff team. Placements can be suggested by students but must be approved by the Revival School Staff team.



Upcoming Events 2017 / 2018

2018 Sonship Program! 
February 14th - December 16th

Revival School

Intensive Training School

23rd May - 17th June 2018

Early Bird Fee

$1,395 Apply by March 29

Regular Fees


What You Get At Our July Intensive School

  • Receive a warm welcome into Revival School’s family of revivalists! 


  • Get to know everyone through unforgettable Adventure Based Learning and Team Building sessions.


  • Experience a well-established culture infused with Kingdom DNA, which is founded on unconditional love and divine family.


  • Be led by an experienced staff team who will welcome you with extravagant love and genuinely care for you as they invest into your life with a passion to see you thrive.


  • A training base renowned for God encounters that has been saturated in thousands of hours of prayer and worship.


  • An experience that is based in Fiordland, one of the most spectacular destinations on the planet.


  • Life transforming times of prayer, worship and ministry with other students and staff who are passionate about seeking God together.


  • World Class speakers flown in from all over New Zealand who are revealing the Father, raising up Sons and advancing the Kingdom here in New Zealand and all over the world.


  • World Class training that is inspiring, equipping and empowering students to bring Heaven to Earth and impact the nations with the revelation of the Father’s Love.


  • Practical training and activations for supernatural ministry.


  • Practical training on how to be a cultural architect and how to bring Heaven to Earth.


  • Facilitated small group sessions for deep relationship and processing times.


  • Weather permitting, a boat cruise in Milford Sound, New Zealand’s most popular tourist destination and one of the most stunning natural wonders in the world.


  • Adventures in Fiordland National Park, including one overnight excursion to the Historic Gunn’s Camp in the spectacular Hollyford Valley.


  • A personal Sozo session with a trained Sozo minister.


  • Student handouts and manuals, including the Glory School Manual and the Sozo Basic Training Manual.


  • Get set ablaze for unprecedented revival by spending time with burning hearted lovers of Jesus, sold out for revival!


  • The Revival School Ball.



Upcoming Events 2017 / 2018


We are so excited for our next Intensive Training School launching in July 2017! We'd love you to come and join us and be a part of this life transforming adventure!

Sonship Program


1 Year Program

Fees: Early Bird Fee $2,250. Apply and Pay in Full by 1st Nov 2017. Regular Fees $2,595

Location: Fiordland New Life Church, 6 Blatch Rd, Te Anau.


6 Month Program

Dates: 23rd May - 25th November.

Fees: Early Bird Fee $1,950. Apply and Pay in Full by 1st Feb 2018. Regular Fees $2,195.

Location: Fiordland New Life Church, 6 Blatch Rd, Te Anau.


Taylor Made - You choose the dates that suit you. We will let you know the price for fees for the period of time that you select.

Intensive Training


Dates: 23rd May - 17th June.

Fees: Early Bird Fee $1,395 Paid in Full by Jan 31 2018. Regular Fees $1,595.

Location: Fiordland New Life Church, 6 Blatch Rd, Te Anau.

School of Mission

July 7th-23rd

Matareva Beach Resort, Samoa

Early Bird Fees $2,375: Must be paid in full by

March 1st, 2018

Regular Fees $2750


We are excited to be launching the School of Mission in Samoa! We are dreaming of a mass mobilisation of revivalists to the nations who will bring Heaven to the darkest places on the Earth. Our strategy is to build a family of people passionate about going to the nations and bringing Heaven to Earth.


Whether your dream is to impact nations, to develop your relationship with God, to connect with an amazing family passionate about bringing Heaven to Earth or to have an epic life changing adventure – the School of Mission is a great option for you! People of all ages and stages are most welcome.


The School of Mission is going to be an exceptional
2 weeks of:


Kingdom family, deep connection, limitless dreaming, extravagant love, good times on the beach, miracles, great snorkeling, worship, intimacy, encounters with God, tropical food, phenomenal people from all over the world, building life long friendships, exhilarating adventures in Samoa, village outreach, world class ministry and training, cross cultural training and ministry, waterfalls and swimming holes, space for investing in your personal relationship with God, swimming with giant clams, life transforming experiences, leaving a legacy of Heaven in Samoa and connecting with people who are passionate about seeing you and your dreams thrive!


The School of Mission is based at Matareva Beach Resort one of the most stunning tropical beaches in the whole nation of Samoa!


At the School of Mission your fees include accommodation, food, training, bedding, outreaches, adventures and handouts – it is brilliant value for money. (You are responsible for your own travel insurance and for your travel to and from Samoa.)


The accommodation is traditional Samoan fales (simple huts) right on the beach. Sleep to the sound of the waves and enjoy shooting stars and starry nights surrounded by the Samoan jungle. You will love the Revival School staff team who come around you to love you and encourage you into fullness of all that the Father has for you.


The focus of the School of Mission is to mobilise a generation to bring Heaven to Earth even in the darkest places on the planet. We get to start with Samoa through significant times of ministry, community service and extravagant love! If you want to be a part of this adventure then please download one of our generic application forms from the apply page on our website. Fill it in and email it through to us. We would love to hear from you and if you have any questions it would be our pleasure to help out in any way we can. Please send us an email or give us a call – we would be delighted to hear from you!


Sonship Program


1 Year Program

Dates: 14th February - 16th December

Fees: Early Bird Fee $2,250. Apply and Pay in Full by 1st Nov 2017. Regular Fees $2,595

Location: Fiordland New Life Church, 6 Blatch Rd, Te Anau.


6 Month Program

Dates: 23rd May - 25th November.

Fees: Early Bird Fee $1,950. Apply and Pay in Full by 1st Feb 2018. Regular Fees $2,195.

Location: Fiordland New Life Church, 6 Blatch Rd, Te Anau.


Taylor Made - You choose the dates that suit you. We will let you know the price for fees for the period of time that you select. For more details Click Here

The Revival School Family is excited to host “Systemic Revival” A One Day Intensive Training in Auckland and Nelson this January!


Auckland 20th January, Nelson 27th January$40pp, Register on arrival. Cash and Eftpos Available.


9:00am til late


Rego’s: 8:30am-9:00am

Session 1: 9:00am -12:30pm

Lunch: 12:30pm-2:00pm

Session 2: 2:00pm-3:30pm

Break: 3:30pm-4:00pm

Session 3: 4:00pm-5:00pm

Dinner Break: 5:00pm-7:00pm

Session 4: 7:00pm til we are done. 


Should be wrapped up before 10:00pm unless people are still receiving ministry, hanging out or enjoying the Presence


Systemic Revival is a One Day Intensive Training focused on empowering you as a catalyst and steward of revival in our nation to engage with the significance of your calling to effect multigenerational transformation in our nation.


We believe that every individual has a significant part to play in the process of implementing systemic revival in Aotearoa, New Zealand – especially you! Many of us have prayed for revival for years or even decades. So much has happened and is now happening in our land and unprecedented opportunities for effective ministry lie open before us.


Systemic Revival is a One Day Intensive Training developed to help us as a nation seize the profound opportunities of our day to write history, to shape our nation and to be cultural architects of our society. We would love to have you join us and to have you engage in discussion, dreaming, planning and strategic actions that will shape the future of our nation.


Key aspects and messages during the day include:


Disproportionately Successful Communities: 


Engage in a culture of intentional blessing and personal ministry including healing and prophetic ministry. Delighting in the presence of God and powerful personal ministry will be a focus throughout the day – so come expecting to be radically encouraged and extravagantly blessed!


The Burning Heart of The Father: 


The Father’s heart breaks for the victims of chaos, but His heart burns to overthrow the systems of chaos that are mass producing victims globally. Discover a phenomenal Biblical blueprint for national systemic revival. The Kingdom of Solomon captured an expression of Heaven on Earth that has not been seen since – expand your capacity to dream for nations as we explore what can be accomplished when Sons and Daughters rule and reign in power and love from the top down. 


Precision Vision:


There are thousands of dormant dreams in our land. If our dreams for a better brighter future were to come alive and be fulfilled; this nation would never be the same, we would see Heaven manifesting in every sphere of influence in our society. We need your wildest dreams to come alive and thrive!!! You’ll get time, coaching and practical keys to unlock your dreams. A precision vision will empower you to be a person who takes precision actions with precision timing for precision results. As we engage with these principles on a corporate level we can be a generation that achieves precision results as we shape society and bring Heaven to Earth together.


Testimonies and a National Strategy for Systemic Revival:  


Hear testimonies of how God is working in amazing ways in dynamic contexts throughout our nation. Bring your own testimony to share and encourage others as you share how you have seen God at work in our land. Discover an exciting opportunity to be a part of a national family of Kingdom visionaries with a strategy to implement systemic revival in our nation. Together we can be a part of a revival of the dormant dreams in our land, which carry the power to unleash this nation into its destiny!


Secrets of a Giant Slayer:


In one generation David took Israel from being an oppressed tribal group to being: the world superpower of their time. Learn how to implement the systems for success that David had established in his life, the systems for success, which empowered David to do what had never been done before! We are dreaming of accomplishing what has never been done before in our nation. This will require a generation of giant slayers, a generation that can bring down the giants of darkness and bring Heaven to Earth in every sphere of influence in society. Discovering systems for success from David’s life will freshly inspire you and equip you with practical tools to live in the fulfillment of your dreams, your calling and your destiny.






Hope Centre 

5 Birmingham Road 





Aspire Church

101 Hardy Street

Nelson, 7010